19mm Mono

Make your message crystal clear.

Our 19mm monochrome LED signs produce over 4,000 shades of red or amber, making Watchfire monochrome LED signs one powerful way to get your message across.

  • Fully encapsulated modules provide high durability and weather resistance.
  • Through-hole LED construction is proven to maximize image clarity and lengthen LED life.
  • Streamlined design maximizes reliability, which is why we’ve driven our component count to a minimum.
  • Our modules have only two electrical connections per module to systematically increase uptime.
  • Excellent resolution makes 19mm flexible enough to accommodate any level of viewing, near or far, and any type of traffic.
  • Bright red and bold amber in over 4000 shades help you create head-turning messaging on every 19mm monochrome sign.

If you want the perfect combination of clarity and flexibility, our 19mm monochrome signs may be just what your business, school, church or organization is searching for.


Ignite® Graphics Software

Our Ignite Graphics Software comes standard with every Watchfire LED sign. It’s an all-in-one graphics software application that makes creating and scheduling messages a snap. An easy-to-use interface brings stunning graphics and video within every person’s reach — whether you’re tech-savvy or programming your first LED message center.

  • Edit, schedule and update from a single program.
  • Use step-by-step wizards to create and manage content easily.
  • Preview graphics before you run them on your sign.
  • Import content created using third-party software.
  • Enhance your messages with our EasyArt library.
  • Take advantage of thorough staff training and post-installation support.

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