Benefits of Outdoor LED Signs

Many businesses are relying on outdoor LED signs to catch the attention of pedestrians and motorists. While there is plenty of competition for the money companies spend on advertising, outdoor LED signs have proven successful for a number of different businesses. Consider these advantages of outdoor LED signs before making decision on the advertising budget for your company.


Why Choose Outdoor LED Signs

  • Flexible. There are many different choices for outdoor LED signs, from large billboards overseeing interstates to small signs at discount gasoline stations that let motorists know the current price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline. That flexibility allows businesses to find an outdoor LED sign to fit any budget.
  • Location branding. In the advertising world, getting the message out about your company’s location, and then repeatedly emphasizing that message, is called location branding. Outdoor LED signs can do just that by shining brightly in a clutter of signs not as bright or compelling.
  • Moving messages. Outdoor LED signs are available with stock ticker effects that catches the attention of drivers and pedestrians and gives store owners the ability to communicate a longer message.
  • Color is available. Many outdoor LED signs display the traditional red or amber LED letters, but full color LED signs are also available that have a real eye-catching effect.
  • Offer real time information. From banks and gasoline stations to municipal bridge and highway signs, it’s possible to use outdoor LED signs to communicate real time messages to drivers. The messages can range from wind and rain advisories on bridges to current interest rates available at banks or time and temperature readings offered as a public service.
  • Easy to operate. Windows-based computer equipment can be used to program and operate outdoor LED signs, making it possible to update information on signs at any time of the day or night even if the business is closed.
  • Constantly changing messages. Advertising is all about communicating a message to potential customers. One of the drawbacks of most advertising is that once you buy a billboard, bus bench ad or film a TV commercial, the message is fixed and cannot be changed until a specified period of time according to an advertising contract. But with outdoor LED signs, the message can be constantly adjusted. If your business carries umbrellas and a stormy afternoon is in the forecast, notify pedestrian and drive-by traffic about the great price on umbrellas, and that dreary weather forecast. If the gasoline price just went down, get that information on your outdoor LED sign immediately.

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